Asbestos Training

Asbestos Training

To be safe while working around materials that contain or may contain asbestos, (ACM) you need proper training.

With quality asbestos training, you or your workers can learn the necessary steps for identifying potential asbestos and removing the hazardous material.

Safe First Training offer a range of different asbestos training courses to suit all your workplace needs.

If you require the training for yourself or you have employees who need the training we are flexible to your requirements. We can deliver in our training rooms or we can travel all over Western Australia and offer onsite training.

The training starts with awareness, which provides details on identifying and working around ACM. For removing it, or if you wish to apply for a restricted licence in Western Australia then additional training is needed.

View the courses:

If you are not sure which asbestos training is suitable for you or your workforce please contact us.