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Who is this course for?

This training resource has been developed to meet the needs of people working or wishing to work within the hospitality industry in Western Australia. This is a Nationally Accredited Course however you must reside in Western Australia to complete this course with Safe First Training, evidence of this is required.

Course overview

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell or serve alcohol and to satisfy the requirements for responsible sale and service of alcohol (RSA) under state and territory legislation. All elements are undertaken in accordance with legal provisions of the relevant liquor legislation.

Course outline

This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge of being able to:

  • Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
  • Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
  • Assess alcohol affected customers and identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused
  • Refuse to provide alcohol

What does the course include?

The course consists of online learning material and knowledge assessment to be completed. A performance assessment will also be required either by phone or video.

Are there any pre-requisite units?

There is no established pre-requisite training that needs to be undertaken before commencing this course.


Upon successful completion participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment- which will be emailed.

Course Duration

The amount of training, Safe First Training expects a learner to formally engage with learning recourses provided by Safe First training for this unit SITHFAB002 is around 4 hours for Online or face to face. Although it could range anywhere from 2-8 hours or longer depending on the past experience and learning ability.

For online delivery this is self-paced and may be done over a period of days/weeks if the save and resume function is activated.

Each student must:

  • Basic level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills
  • Have the ability to read and write English- or trainers must be advised if assistance is needed
  • Provide identification
  • Have basic computer skills and access to internet/PC/phone/recording device (mobile phone)
  • Reside in Western Australia

How much does the course cost?

This course costs $55, pass before you pay.

For group onsite bookings please contact us

How do I enrol?

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